I'm Ashley. I am a yogini, history geek, mother, baker, knitter, hula-hooper, rock-climber and wanderluster (I don't care if that isn't even a word!) First and most importantly, I have the most extraordinary little boy named Gavin. Yeah, yeah, every mother says that. Well, you would just have to meet the kid to get your world rocked because he is something else. Articulate, adventurous, intelligent, compassionate are just a few words to describe this miraculous part of my world. He is my side kick along this journey:
See what I mean? I started practicing yoga ten years ago, only seriously developing my practice in 2008. I became certified to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa in February of 2012 and have been sharing my love and enthusiasm for it ever since. Every day I work out the kinks in my mind and body a bit more, slowing down to relish in the transformation. I like sharing that transformation with anyone who will listen. As for the rest, well, lets allow that onion to start peeling. This is my journey.

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